Stay-at-home orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic caused a sudden and dramatic decline in the amount of waste produced by hotels, restaurants and bars in New Orleans. Faced with the elimination of their main source of food the city's rodents adapted by foraging more aggressively and widely - often migrating away from dense commercial areas and into more residential districts and neighborhoods.
In response to the rodents' behavioral changes, the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board partnered with the city's sanitation and health departments to launch a campaign educating the public about the steps they could take to help prevent rodent infestations in their homes and businesses.  With this goal in mind, I created a series of print and digital materials that were distributed to residents and local businesses.
The campaign was so successful that it was highlighted in Pest Management Professional (PMP) Magazine, one of the industry's leading technical publications.

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