When the St. Charles Parish Library in Louisiana decided it was time to update their brand they created a four person committee tasked with creating a modern, user-friendly website.   An extensive patron survey highlighted two main issues with the current site: an overwhelming amount of information and confusing, disorganized navigation.  Working with an outside designer, the committee focused on creating a site with: (1) a clean interface, (2) structured, informative, and concise content, (3) effective visuals, and (4) a consistent navigation menu.  ​​​​​​​
As the Technology and Education Librarian responsible for promoting and training library patrons about our virtual services and online tools, I was especially invested in how those resources were presented on the site.  Due to the large number of available online resources and databases, I created a visual grouping rather than a text based list.  This allowed patrons to locate and discover new resources more easily.

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